True North Teams

Team Alignment at its Most Practical…

compassWith teams being the fundamental building block of the modern work world, it puts effective teamwork at a premium and, good teams aren’t enough to compete today. Extraordinary organizations need extraordinary teams to fulfill their visions.

The True North Teams not only get extraordinary results, they get them over and over again. We’ve identified five keys that insure teams get these sustainable results:

  • Have a compelling purpose
  • Maximize diverse skills and perspectives
  • Be “All-in” – Practice frank and full engagement
  • Master the task-relationship balance
  • Commit to continuous improvement and learning

The True North Teams Program helps your team develop a compelling mission as its compass for its priorities and action. Once that is clarified, we assess your team’s strengths and blinds spots, so your team can identify the goals, action habits, and relationship habits that will best help you achieve your purpose and improve and grow your skills. Teams can no longer tolerate avoiding the negative impacts of indirect communication, blame- focused behavior, or rigid right-wrong thinking. True North Teams help you establish sound fundamental team habits that create a team culture that is not only effective but truly joyous to participate in and is a paradigm shift we guarantee.

True North Consultation

Whether your team has been tasked with a new challenge, isn’t performing to its potential, or is showing evidence that everyone isn’t pulling in the same direction, the True North Consultation will help you get your team on the right track.

During this complimentary 45-minute consultation you will:

  • Clarify the vision and impact you want for your team.
  • Identify core components for your team’s success.
  • Discover the number one thing holding your team back from its peak performance.
  • Determine the most powerful actions you can take to move you and your team forward.
  • Complete the consultation knowing exactly what to do next.

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